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Defending Clients In Drug Trafficking And Interstate Drug Cases

Tennessee and federal authorities have invested considerable resources to combat drug trafficking, especially interstate drug operations. Because of this, police officers are often deployed on Interstate 40, Interstate 24 and other highways to pull over vehicles suspected of transporting drugs.

Whether you are from Tennessee or elsewhere, being charged with drug trafficking can put your freedom and your property at risk. In addition to facing significant prison terms, drug interdiction cases can also result in civil asset forfeiture, which can cause you to lose your car, house or other assets on the presumption they were bought with illegally obtained “drug money.”

Serious drug charges require an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you battle them. Michael J. Flanagan Attorney at Law has represented clients for 35 years in Tennessee, and handles interstate drug cases on a regular basis.

Challenging The Validity Of Interstate Drug Interdiction Arrests

Highway stops made by police on suspicion of drug trafficking are not guaranteed to result in a conviction, even if the stop generates evidence the state would like to use against you. In some cases, one of the following conditions was present, which places the entire case by the prosecution in doubt:

  1. There is doubt about the validity of the initial traffic stop, including the presence of probable cause to stop the vehicle on drug trafficking grounds.
  2. Police may have engaged in illegal racial profiling, stopping vehicles based primarily on the race or ethnicity of the motorist and passengers.
  3. Once stopped, the investigation may have escalated to include an unconstitutional search and seizure.
  4. In the process of the arrest for drug trafficking, the police may not have informed you of your rights.

Our attorney will review every piece of evidence and move to have it suppressed if it was obtained in an illegal manner.

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