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How To Challenge A DUI Arrest

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving, known officially in Tennessee as driving under the influence (DUI), you may feel as if you have no option but to plead guilty and accept your punishment. But law enforcement officials are not perfect, and many times DUI arrests are riddled with legal errors. At the firm of Michael J. Flanagan Attorney at Law, our founder has decades of experience challenging DUI charges and producing favorable results for clients, including reduced or dropped charges and acquittals.

Ways In Which A DUI Arrest Can Be Questioned

Our lawyer reviews every aspect of your case, to search for ways in which the law may have been misapplied during your arrest, or circumstances in which standard police procedures were not followed. Weaknesses in the state’s case against you often come from the following parts of the arrest:

  1. The stop itself. If the police officer did not observe you driving erratically (weaving, rapidly changing lanes), it may be possible to challenge his or her probable cause for the DUI stop.
  2. Field sobriety tests. The three standard tests used to gauge intoxication levels in the field are notorious for being skewed by health challenges or simple fatigue.
  3. Tests used to measure intoxication. Recently, Tennessee outlawed the use of blood tests as admissible evidence in DUI cases. Other tests that can be used to determine a motorist’s blood alcohol concentration are impacted by many factors, including how the test is given and analyzed.

Hire Our Attorney To Fight Your Intoxicated Driving Charge

Do not just sign the paperwork — our firm can review your case and aggressively defend your due process rights. Call us at 615-953-8339 to set up a free case review, or email us. We are located in Nashville, TN, and serve clients throughout the metropolitan area, as well as in the surrounding area, including Dickson, Hickman, Lewis, Perry, Cheatham, Robertson and Davidson counties. Se habla Español.