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Righting Legal Errors Through Appeals And Post-Conviction Relief

Although television programs and movies often portray a conviction at trial as the final verdict in a criminal case, that is often not true. Depending on how your trial proceeded, you may have several bases for appeal of your verdict or sentence.

Michael J. Flanagan Attorney at Law has more than 35 years of experience practicing criminal defense law at the state, federal and appellate levels. Our firm will work with you to review potential errors in application of the law or trial procedures that may form the heart of an appeal brief. We are also available to help you with other forms of post-conviction relief beyond the appellate process.

How A Legal Appeal Works

The deadline for filing an appeal starts the moment that the ruling is finalized. Tennessee and federal law have tight timelines for starting appeals, and missing the deadline erases your chance to have your case reviewed by a higher court.

The strongest basis for an appeal in a criminal case comes if the defense can prove that the court made “reversible errors” in how it conducted the trial or applied the law. An appellate court may review written briefs from both sides of the case, or it may request oral arguments, as well. When it comes time to rule on an appeal, the court may choose to:

  • Uphold the original verdict by the trial court
  • Order a new trial
  • Modify the ruling in some manner
  • Throw out the case entirely (very rare)

Other Post-Conviction Relief Actions To Consider

Beyond helping you navigate the appeals process, our firm’s lawyer can also assist you with legal matters that may arise after your conviction or sentence, but while you are still under court supervision. Those include:

  • Parole or probation violation hearings
  • Pardon applications
  • Expungement of your criminal record
  • Restoration of your civil rights after a felony
  • Removal of your name from a sex offender registry

Do Not Give Up. We Will Protect Your Post-Conviction Rights.

Our firm stands with our clients, from initial arrest until all appeals and post-conviction options have been explored. Act quickly to preserve your rights by arranging a visit to our office, located west of downtown Nashville, TN, and offering free parking. Call us at 615-953-8339 or use our online contact form to get in touch with us. Se habla Español.